Saving soles in style

FRANKiE4 is a podiatry and physiotherapy-based women’s footwear label, established in 2010. The range of boots, heels, sandals and active and everyday flats are specifically designed to improve body mechanics and increase comfort with every step while still remaining stylish. The range is ideal for women who spend all day on their feet. All FRANKiE4 styles come with a podiatry-designed foot bed – built into the sandals and heels and removable in the boots and flats. FRANKiE4 is a relatively new brand to land at Evans Shoes but is fast becoming popular among customers looking for comfort but not willing to give up style. 

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Meet some of our favourite FRANKiE'S - ELLiE, JENNiE and SOPHiE! 


  • Podiatrist-designed functional footbed
    • Heel support, cradle and cushioning
    • Forefoot cushioning
  • Patented Custom Fit assembly: ensuring a wide to narrow fit
  • Shape: asymmetrically-designed toebox to complement the foot's natural shape and movement
Refer to gallery for colours and prices. 


Ellie in black ($229.95)Ellie in rouge ($229.95)Ellie in silver ($229.95)JENNiE in black reptile ($234.95)
JENNiE in midas gold ($234.95)SOPHiE in light grey ($215.95)SOPHiE in silver ($215.95)SOPHiE in navy ($215.95)